Photographer + Founder of 50mm Collective

Raven Trammell aka Raven50mm is an AfroLatinx, non-binary identifying photographer and community builder. They are originally from Holland, Michigan but currently located in Los Angeles, CA. They have been minting their photography as NFTs since early 2021, seeing early succes with selling out their first collection, PRAYING FOR CHANGE. They went on to explore the possibilites of fusing web3 and social change and what that would look like within the Los Angeles community. Their next collection, HUSSLE AND MOTIVATE, sold out in 12 hours and provided a 2ETH donation to Crete Academy, a school in South LA dedicated to serving students experiencing homelessness and poverty. Within their first year of NFTs, Raven has sold over 100 photography NFTs, donated over $7,000 to the Los Angeles community, and has founded the 50mm Collective. Their current focus within web3 is building and providing resources to the community of BIPOC LGBTQIA+ artists in the 50mm Collective. As an early pioneer in the web3 space they feel a direct responsibility to ensure diverse representation becomes the forefront of web3. 



On the Ground LA

Artshare LA, Los Angeles, November 6th - 2021

The Roof is on Fire

SF CAMERAWORK, San Francisco, September 14th - 2021

XO Crypto! NYC Pride

The Blockchain Center of NY, Manhattan, June 24th - 2021


TheaterLab, New York City, July 17 - July 18 - 2021


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Los Angeles, California

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